About Us

Hashtag Media House is a video production and media communications company in Nigeria focused on producing and distributing socially conscious content and effectively telling the brand stories of organisations.

Hashtag Media House

Hashtag Media House was established as a production company in Nigeria in 2011. We produce and distribute multi-platform entertainment content which spans across TV, Film, Documentaries, scripted and non-scripted content, etc. In this regard, we are passionate about the evolution of impactful storytelling and entertainment, and are intent on leading the way for the growth and development of socially conscious content.

We also provide production services and business media solutions primarily targeted at SMEs, but not leaving out larger profit and not-for-profit organisations. We also cater to profit and not-for-profit organisations. While we recognise the impact and significance of core product and service advertising, our niche in this regard is visually merging brand stories with the target audience’s stories to ensure maximum impact.

Essentially, we have mastered the art of not just storytelling and entertaining, but ensuring that the message is heard.


Our Approach

Our key strategy lies in partnering with project-specific technical expertise which allows us the flexibility to adapt to the ever-increasing demand for creative, highly customized, economically efficient, and superior performance-driven content and business media solutions.

Partner with us

In line with our key strategy, we are constantly seeking out new talent or media and production professionals to partner with. If you work or seek work in any production-related field, or you believe you have the next “Avengers” idea and need the right partner, please do not hesitate to contact us. We do not accept unsolicited submissions of creative works or ideas at this time, but with generic information, we can discuss further and decide if we are a good fit for one another.

To become a partner, or for enquiries, please fill the contact form below.